PM: Battle Fantasia Review


"?Still, a re-skinned, fantasy Street Fighter game ain't a bad thing. The game has a charming medieval setting, and tips its hat toward classic role-playing games by including HP values for each player, as well as a string of damage numbers when attacks connect. This gives the game a more technical feel, as you can calculate which moves to engage by looking at the remaining HP for your opponent. The character list reads like a slightly dated cosplay catalogue of the last five years, and includes everything that's been popular since 2001: a pirate, cat-girl, Gothic Lolita wand waver, and a gunslinger that shouts "TEXAS!!" during his attacks. If the online play is lag-less, there's no reason a fighting game fan wouldn't enjoy this sharp, playful title. The Guilty Gear devs know what they're doing."

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