PM: Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? Review


"The gameplay in Prinny is the stuff of side-scrolling dreams. The control is precise and the animation sheer delight on both the Prinnies and their enemies-great bosses too as you can imagine-and jumping into an Air Slash bumps the action into a cool 3D perspective, a move that never gets old. The action takes to the sky too (and it's Prinny great, believe me), the replay value is simply ridiculous, and in case of emergency you can change difficulty at any time. The soundtrack is simply perfection, in the vein of Nippon Ichi's other patented Disgaea scores, and the hilarious (as usual) storyline and writing (written in English and acted in Japanese) are simply in a class by themselves. I am fulfilled once again! Bring on the 2D dood!"

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