Kikizo: The Godfather 2 Review

Once more, then, The Godfather II could have been great but isn't. There are all the ingredients here for a deliciously callous, calculating reinterpretation of the open-world city genre, a cool-headed management-action hybrid to counterbalance the petty thievery, car-jacking and cop-baiting which goes on elsewhere. But thanks to dull firefights, shoddy production values and a reluctance to expand on some genuinely intriguing ideas, the trophy stays well out of reach.

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d0nT wOrrY3387d ago

i don't care about reviews, i played the first and it was so fun.

might pick this up asap

hahaha the site is soooooooo calm , no fights phewww

lol at all news, no comments, no views. hope n4g comes back soon