PM: The Maw Review


"The essence of the gameplay is pure cause-and-effect puzzle action, tossing strange alien creatures into The Maw's mouth to make him grow and/or absorb their DNA and take on their characteristics. For Frank's part, he's much more than the guy with the leash. He can latch onto gelatinous flying Bulbouses carrying exploding balls of pollen; pull creatures out of the ground to slam, spin-throw or toss to The Maw; or even dodge bullets, then slam the turrets that fired them. He also does a bit of platforming and shooting, rides The Maw, flies The Maw, and steers The Maw as Twisted Pixel takes us through an array of otherworldly alien mind benders. Strange Dodo bird-like creatures called Loofers (once Frank cooks 'em a little) turn The Maw into a nine-eyed laser shooting pack animal, ingesting yummy Puff-Tors changes him into the world's hungriest (and slimiest) balloon, and my personal favorite Maw food, the Beetull, morphs him into a rampaging giant alien dung beetle. Twisted Pixel has done an extraordinary job taking a simple premise with simple controls and weaving it into an addictive experience. The original interactive soundtrack by composer Winifred Phillips fits the quirky nature of the game like a glove. The Maw is over all too soon, taking only a few short hours (that fly by) to complete-but something tells we haven't seen the last of Frank and The Maw."

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