NowGamer: Fallout 3 Retrospective

NowGamer talk to Bethesda on the creation of one of the finest RPGs in recent years

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Don_Frappucino3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Although i wasn't that keen on fallout

Don_Frappucino3239d ago

I found fallout a bit boring. The main story wasn't amazing, but it was OK, but after that theres nothing that isn't tedious left to do

Socomer 19793239d ago

I was looking at the playstation blog yeserday and thier was a piece where the developers of MAG was taking questions from the PSBlog members. you know the psblog members dont bite thier toungue ever and i couldnt help but to wonder what if all devs werent afraid to do this.

if bethesda had to sit and answer questions from the customers they would walk away in shame and embarrased. I still have fallout 3 and I hate it. its very buggy and glitchy and if i didnt have a game ending glitch i would have beaten by now and threw it in the garbage. I have the ps3 version.