Hot New Bakugan Wii and DS Screens

TGS: "New screens from Activision's Bakugan, a new Wii and DS game based on 2008's Toy of the Year."

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spydersvenom3212d ago

Not quite sure how these games will play, but cell-shaded style looks better and better every day on Nintendo's consoles

pangitkqb3212d ago

I used to hate it but it has been slowly growing on me ever since i got used to Windwaker.

raiden_933212d ago

It's true, if you weren't sold on cel shading after Wind Waker I dont think you ever will be ;)

gameplayingfool3212d ago

It just seems so childish to me. Doesn't change that there have been some awesome Cell Shaded games though.

Elven63212d ago

For a Wii game, that looks pretty cool.

Socomer 19793212d ago

we want a bakugan game on the ps3.
his wii and ds is broken.

we have the eye of judgement, he plays yugioh cards, we are always looking for bakugan levels on littlebigplanet with no luck. we fight on naruto ultimate storm and cell shaded animation is at its very best with naruto U.S.

we need a bakugan game on ps3 now. please hurry sony before my kid grows up and thinks im immature.

pangitkqb3212d ago

Good news for everyone.

Smacktard3212d ago

I guess... except the game is likely to be terrible on any platform.

jimineyscrickets3212d ago

Cell shading is awesome when done right.