appVersity: Strongholds Review

appVersity writes: "The latest entry into the ring is Strongholds by Digital Worlds. I was intrigued with the game the very first time I saw it. Here was a card game that didn't involve creatures and magic (not that there's anything wrong with that… I'm just looking for something else). Instead you are in the future and corporations settle things in the business world by going to war wit each other. Gotta admit… I love that idea.

Strongholds also has a really nice graphical look. A few peeks at the screen shots will show you what I mean. Add to that the idea that you battle things out with cards and you have a game that made me stand up and take notice. I even bought it, not waiting to see if I would review it or not.

So now it comes down to game play. That's where we see if all the mental hype my brain put me through was worth it."

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