Gamezebo Review: Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer

"Whodunit" mysteries are common fodder for hidden object game stories – even ones involving serious crimes like murder. (For proof, we need look no further than I-Play's successful Women's Murder Club series.) Like its title implies, however, Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer puts a different spin on things in that the events of the game are based on a crime that actually happened in real life.

You'll step into the shoes of Jennifer Lourdes, an FBI agent who's hot on the trail of Ira Einhorn, a hippie guru turned murderer who has jumped bail after being charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux. The murder, and Einhorn's subsequent run from the law, actually took place in 1977 and was well publicized at the time. Ira Einhorn, dubbed the "Unicorn Killer" because of the meaning of his last name, is currently still alive and serving a life sentence in prison.

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