Runes of Magic: Treasure Trove Screenshots

IncGamers has obtained five new screenshots of the upcoming new instance in the free to play MMO, Runes of Magic.

The instance, featuring a ghost ship called the 'Black Mary' will await high level players inside a dark grotto. The entrance to Treasure Trove is guarded by undead pirates, and more of the same is found inside. There is plenty of pirate gold to be found in the caves leading to the sinister Black Mary, where players will face the leader, Snow Blake, in her cabin. They should also keep an eye out for the giant octopus, Will's Curse

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Dorjan3389d ago

What is cooler than pirates?

Undead pirates!! ARRRR!!

Leord3389d ago

Haha, I was thinking that! You took the words right out of my, well, keyboard :)

Leord3389d ago

Undead pirates. It's like home :)

Fyzzu3389d ago

Interesting direction; I didn't think Runes of Magic had Dread Ghost Pirates in there. Love the art-style, though.

Maticus3389d ago

It amazing how much content this game keeps pumping out.

Leord3389d ago

Blizzard should take a leaf from their book :)

emazzuca3389d ago

This game is still riddled with bugs, that many users have issues with,

I can't even stay in the game without it crashing.

Even though i can top out Crysis on my box.