Appletell reviews Space Invaders, Cooking Mama and Cameltry for iPhone

Appletell writes: "Ah, Taito. Many, many hours whiled away in arcades playing Taito games: Space Invaders, Qix, Arkanoid, etc. Much of my dad's money spent. Now, here I am nearly 30 years on, and I'm still whiling away the hours (more accurately, minutes) playing Taito games.

But I'm no longer spending a lot of money to do so (which is good, because the money's now mine, not my dad's), and I'm doing so at restaurants, waiting rooms and my office, not at arcades. Having released games for pretty much every gaming system ever made in the history of everything, Taito has moved on to the iPhone with three of its classic titles: Space Invaders, Cooking Mama and Cameltry. Does the jump to Apple's touch screen devices work? Gather 'round, we'll take a look."

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