I Wanna Make Games When I Grow Up

Adam Saltsman @ Gamasutra: "If you work in the games industry, even on the very periphery, you probably have a nephew or cousin-in-law or other absurdly-distanced aquaintance, usually male, usually under the age of 15, who is REALLY passionate about making games. Maybe they haven't worked out what that even means yet, they just know you make games, and THEY want to make games, and that's awesome.

It can be really hard to make the jump from youthful enthusiasm to the nuts and bolts of real life and the games industry. I have talked to a lot of local kids about getting into the game industry, and the talk usually ranges from mildly interesting description of my varied responsibilities to relatively depressing assessment of normal industry work practices. Neither of these things I think are particularly practical, either for the younglings or for their parents."

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