EU PSN Store Update: 07/05/09

TheSixthAxis: This weeks EU PSN Store Update (07/05/09)

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Toenado3390d ago

The wolverine demo was out on the first.

sinncross3390d ago

I also downloaded the Wolverine demo off the PSN last Friday... it fact its been advertised on the home page since then.

Fun game though.

Hellsvacancy3390d ago

I just zapped it on and there was nothin :-/

Skynetone3390d ago

maybe you allready have it

didnt notice any improvements myself infact things got worse, everything takes a lot longer {like connecting to a game}

AliC3390d ago

I'll grab the wolverine demo, though I've heard it's already been out since last week.

Not checked the store since last Thursday.

DNAgent3390d ago

The inFAMOUS demo wasn't leaked on HK somebody put in the pre-order code in the hong kong store and it worked. This, along with them talking about Wolverine demo being added today are lies. They have no clue what they are talking about. I won't be going to this site again. They need to get their facts straight.

heyheyhey3390d ago

so your like a constant downer huh?

djhsecondnature3390d ago

Nowhere does it say it was added today. It's this week's update, and as the Wolverine demo came out after last Thursday, it's included in this weeks Store Update for those that only check the store every Thursday.