MGU Review: Bubble Bobble

So, here's another one of those legendary titles that have gone from cabinet to coat pocket, Bubble Bobble. This platformer puts you in control of the little green dragon known as Bub. His job is to bounce around the levels, trapping enemies in the bubbles that he spits out. Once an enemy is trapped, that bubble then has to be popped as soon as possible.

Should you fail to pop a bubble in time, the enemy will escape from the bubble, mad as heck, and harder to trap the second time around. On the other side of the coin though, if the enemy-filled bubble is popped, they'll turn into an item or power-up, which you can collect to earn extra points.

To complete a level, you must successfully eliminate all of the enemies on a level. Naturally, as you start to progress, the number of enemies increases and they become quicker and more dangerous. Simply making contact with an enemy is enough to cost you one of your lives, and once all of these are gone, the old Game Over screen will greet your eyes.

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