MGU Review: HighSpeed 3D

There's something of an irony about playing racing games on mobiles. The idea of spending time avoiding driving a car by driving a virtual car may seem silly to some, but it does have its perks. You can go as fast as you want, without having to worry about getting stopped by the police, for one. There's no stopping to fill up on fuel, and no need to break-uo arguments between squabbling kids in the back-seat. Ultimately, it's a lot more fun than actual driving could ever be.

High Speed 3D brings more racing thrills into the palm of your hand, with lengthy courses, decent graphics and a good feeling of speed. Like many racing games on mobile, the game handles your acceleration automatically by default, with braking and steering kept to manual control. In certain situations, such as correcting a spin, you will get brief control over speeding up, but for the most part you can let it go by itself. With a press of the action button, you can give yourself an additional turbo boost too, which recharges over time.

If you're just looking to get used to the controls and the game in general, there's the Quick Race mode, where you can choose your track, as well as the number of opponents and laps. Most of the tracks will be locked in the early going, however, and you'll need to unlock them via play in the Career Mode.

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