Sony and Microsoft don't need motion control

Sony and Microsoft might be trailing far behind Nintendo in this generation's game console war, but that doesn't mean they need to follow the leader.

Let the Wii have all the motion fun.

A report in Variety last week said Sony might be unveiling a motion-sensing controller at E3 that's more advanced than its Sixaxis (motion-sensing) controller. It will be shaped like a Wii remote and use LEDs and "a small Webcam to track the device's movements." Variety claims the Sony controller will be more accurate that the Wii remote, especially as the player moves it toward and away from the screen.

Engadget also reported last week that it received a tip from someone who claimed to be an insider at Microsoft. The person said the company is working on a motion-sensing bar that follows full-body movement without controllers. Players would be able to control all aspects of the game with their bodies.

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qface643211d ago

if they get one or not seeing as how its not going to be bundled in the console and seeing as how its not going to take over the controler why does it matter?
if you ask me they will release a motion control but its going to be one of those accessories that doesn't really do all that well and only a handful of people support it

Anon19743211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

If motion control is what you want, get a Wii. That's what it's good for. I can understand Sony and Microsoft trying to rope in more of the casuals with this but I'd rather they put those efforts towards something that 360 and PS3 owners would actually play?
I'm selfish that way.

Hiruma Youchi3211d ago

Exactly , People wont Start buying Xbox360 / PS3 because it have Motion Control now. People will Buy The Wii for that purpose.

Wii as become a Trend and Trends are hard to Erase or to Slow Down.

Its like The Zune. people were already Into Ipod .

edgeofblade3211d ago

"doesn't really do all that well and only a handful of people support it"

Sounds like a great reason not to do it to me. I think the point of not following the leader is that the leader could drag you through a bad business decision that's all wrong for your company and position.

Fishy Fingers3211d ago

Seems MS and Sony disagree with Cnet here. They want to turn a profit, and whos doing that in spades, Nintendo.

As long as they dont dismiss their current following I dont see the problem.

TheExecutive3211d ago

If they are going to stick to their word and not release consoles for a few years (possibly longer) then they would be two steps ahead of the next wii and be able to sell their consoles for cheaper. If they want to go for the casual market they have a lot of work to do...

I am afraid that because of the economy it will slow MS and Sony from releasing new consoles. If this is the case expect them to have waggle controllers and systems for 150 bucks for a few years.

xjoshbx3211d ago

I like the thought of sony and MS doing motion controls... they might actually do a good job, we know they would. And the games should be really sweet.

WeaseL3211d ago

Its not like MS & Sony are spending CNet's money so why care if they decide to release it after all its there money.

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The story is too old to be commented.