MGU Review: Curry in a Hurry

In recent history, the restaurant game has seen a bit of a rise. This style of casual gaming puts players in some sort of food emporium, be it a restaurant or a cafe, and has them in charge of seating customers, taking and serving orders, and collecting the bill afterwards. Speed is of the essence, as customers left unattended for too long can get angry and leave.

This particular example of the restaurant game puts you in Indian restaurants throughout the world, in the capable hands of Shilpa. On each level, she must successfully serve the customers to score points, with the aim of reaching the required points tally for a level. If you do particularly well, you might even pass the Expert score tally!

Provided you've reached one of the score milestones, you can then move on to the next level, where things will gradually get harder, with a variety of different customer types (who each have varying thresholds of patience and propensity to tip) and more tables to fill up and attend to.

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