ZEN Pinball bounces onto PSN next week for $10

ZEN Pinball will be available on the PlayStation Store on May 14th for $9.99. Our hands-on with the demo revealed a solid foundation for the game, with realistic (if not a bit fast) physics. ZEN Pinball doesn't offer too many frills: don't expect any boss fights, or hedgehog-inspired platforming segments. Instead, you'll get a rather faithful digital recreation of an arcade cabinet, LED display and all.

As expected, ZEN offers online leaderboards, multiple tables and Trophies. However, we're most intrigued by the video chat-enabled online multiplayer mode. You can check it out next week on the US PlayStation Store.

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ghostface3360d ago

Haven't I read this same article last year? Except it missing the part about Sony not offering better downloadable games then Microsoft.