Starcraft Frontline Vol. 3 War-Torn Preview has exclusive preview scans of Tokyopop's StarCraft Frontline Vol. 3: War-Torn. The story is about a child with psionic powers that has been hidden by his father, a Dominion senator, from the Dominion authorities. To protect him from the rigorous training methods of the Ghost Program, the senator has sought asylum for his son with the Umojan Protectorate.

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Maticus3183d ago

Woah that looks awesome!

Leord3183d ago

Too bad it's not all the same level of artwork as the front pages :)

SCFreelancer3183d ago


Haha, yea!

It reminded me of all those games (especially in the past) that showed amazing screenshots on their box which only showed ingame cinematics!

Its not that bad with comics/manga though :)

Leord3183d ago

I think the mangas are cool, but not as good as the comic books.

SCFreelancer3183d ago

I'm not sure really, I am getting used to it slowly.

I do think I like the pocket books more though.

Fyzzu3183d ago

Looks alright, but I'm not hugely impressed with the art style if I'm honest. It doesn't quite mesh with Starcraft, for me.

Leord3183d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean, but then again, they have lots of technological stuff in there, and manga style works fairly well for that.

Cogo3183d ago

Faces and stuff definitely don't mesh.

Dorjan3183d ago

I'm hopelessly in love with blizzards universes... the fact they add figures, comics, books, music and i bet movies and amusement parks soon too!

Leord3183d ago

I would LOVE to go to a Blizzard amusement park!

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