Bejeweled Twist Arrives on Mobile Phones

Gamer Limit writes: "It's hard to deny the power of Bejeweled. Even though it's a bit too casual for most core gamer's tastes, you have to admit dabbling in it for a bit is inescapable. You could feed your addiction originally on the PC, then Verizon phones exclusively, and now, most of your mobile carriers should have Bejeweled Twist available. For those who haven't played "Twist", it's definitely recommended if you are looking for a harder version of the original."

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SkankinGarbage3362d ago

It seems like it could be fun, but it just looks so damn complicated that I've never tried it!

Dimly3362d ago

Sounds like an addicting little puzzler.

Fullish3362d ago

Haha oh no, another bejeweled.