New Mac Virus is a Worm, But Can't Pose Threat Due to Amateur Mistake

Dailytech reports:

Virus proves insignificant, but may be a sign of things to come

A trojan virus attacking Apple computers, transmitted via pirated iWork software, gained significant attention as it was one of the first viruses to strike the OS X platform.

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Thugbot1873393d ago

As soon as more people start using Apple you will see more of this happening. Apple users don't have Anti-Virus so....

Tito Jackson3393d ago

Are like Nuclear Weapons.

Macs = Luckenbach, Tx
PCs = Los Angeles, CA

So, if you were a terrorist, and you wanted to make a successful attack---who would you bomb?

Macs arent impervious to attacks, its just very rare for someone to create a virus geared towards them. 99% of viruses are made for PCs, and are CREATED on PCs. :)

BulletToothtony3392d ago

is that macs can get worms yes.. but in order for it to install you have to type in your password.. if you go to a site or open an email or plug in a usb drive you won't get anything..

While pc's can.. you just have to barely look at the file and the virus can affect your computer without you even noticing.. if people are downloading bittorrents and installing them without checking what's inside then this is suppose a big threat.. but in general yes macs can be infected, but you have to let it in.. unlike pc's..

Information Minister3393d ago

OMG... There's a worm in the Apple!

Get it? Worm, Apple? Aaaahhhh forget about it.

Tempist3393d ago

It only gets more intense from here on out. Macs FTL.

MartyPs33393d ago

I'm kinda rooting the Virus against MACs. Just to finally shut the ppl who says they're MAC can't get viruses. But even more want to see how apple will adapted itself when all they're vulnerabilities start getting attacked.

SaiyanFury3393d ago

I've been saying it for a long time that Macs aren't as secure as people would like to believe. They CAN get viruses and just because the OS is UNIX based doesn't make it secure. It makes OSX secure against Windows-based viruses but if someone writes a virus for a UNIX-based system OSX is at it's mercy. And with zero antivirus protection available (at least to my knowledge) Macs are at the mercy of any hacker or malware developed specifically for them.

jden283393d ago

Finally the truth is coming out!!! I hear all these people talking about Apple as if thier gods and there software/hardware combo is the best, it's not, same with linux. Just because nooobody was using mac's or linux they felt as if they were better than everyone else. The truth is that nobody wrote software for those platforms and that includes the hackers that send these viruses to everybody anyway. So now the more thay sell the more thay'll be attacked and then people will see just why windows(whatever version) are not as bad as they thought just more popular so more of a target to virus hackers.

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The story is too old to be commented.