InFamous Demo Gameplay

PSL!VE: "We got our hands on a rare copy of the InFamous Demo 3 weeks before it's released on the PSN Store. The demo contains 4 Missions to complete." For more details on the Demo Click View Video

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Jandre023387d ago

Maybe this would have been my GOTY the past 3 years, but it may not be able to against heavy weights of this year. If you don't own a PS3 after the price drop then I don't know what the hell is wrong with you...

raztad3387d ago

Which heavy hitters? Im just wondering. I hope your not talking about yet another fps. We need something fresh. inFAMOUS looks like that. Batman:AA is looking good too, but the delay got me worried. I just hope a new amazing IP be GOTY, not the same old franchise.

talltony3387d ago

game is really looking good. I just cant wait right now. I'm Psyched for this!

-GametimeUK-3387d ago

"We need something fresh. inFAMOUS looks like that."

Open world games are hardly "fresh" these days.

My money is on Uncharted2 being my personal GOTY.

locos853387d ago

I'm glad I decided to pre-order this. I can't wait to play it. 2 and a half weeks to go!!!!

ForROME3387d ago

So whats the verdict on it? Anyone digging it?

solidjun53387d ago

I haven't been home to download it yet. I can't wait though.

Miraak82 3387d ago

I played the demo this morning, I have a slight case of ADHD but this game seems like it can get me hooked for hours on in . I really injoyed it

micro_invader3387d ago

Yeah, there's way better quality vids in our own forums. I think demonstalker (sp?) posted a few videos, you've probably watched them already but I'm just speaking to everyone in general.

Anyway, I wish I could get in on the action but I still have no ps3 (R.I.P my 20GB). Ah well, maybe after the exams...

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The story is too old to be commented.