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caliblue153238d ago

Loving the new Expert Mode, now I can really fold, and find a cure for cancer!

WhittO3238d ago

i have used this once !

it doesnt cover news for my area and its slow loading up the stories etc.

Godmars2903238d ago

Its still the basic program that looks into gene mapping and disease research - which is why you should use it!

Raoh3238d ago

I like how this is still being supported. I wish i could lock in locations though. after i walk away and come back to see the new news i have to search for my location again.

locos853238d ago

I forgot about this. I used it for a week then never again. I guess It would be nice if I left it on when i'm not using it once in a while.

Rifle-Man3238d ago

The only time I used this was when it first came out. There's only news for two Canadian cities, so it's not much use for all of us Canucks in between.

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