Activision finally confirms Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Those Van Halen boys are likely happy today, as it marks the end of their need for silence regarding their long-rumored upcoming video game: Guitar Hero: Van Halen

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rawrockkillz3239d ago

Quit making Guitar Hero games!!! Or at least make one every 2-3 years. Making 5 different ones a year is just a bunch of crap. Instead of making full games out of specific bands, make them as dlc packs for the existing Guitar Hero games. Rushing out all these games is crap instead of trying to revolutionize the genre in some way they are just cashing in on the Guitar Hero name.

Smacktard3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Yeah, but this is Van Halen. All other Guitar Hero expansions can just go to hell, cause this game blows them out of the water.

Also, I agree that Gary Cherone was awful. Shame about Hagar, as they produced some good songs together, but nothing can top DLR.

Th3 Chr0nic3239d ago

this stuff is played out already. are we to expect a new game for all bands that have been large success. they could easily released DLC for 20 bucks that has reskinned characters and venues with 20 or more songs. but instead they want to release a new entire game everytime cause all the idiots keep buying them.
Cash Cow hero is a huge success for them so far