BCFx is the most racist game ever?

Destructoid: "In games writing you have to be very cautious when bringing up the race card, particularly after the lynching of Resident Evil 5's orginal art direction (see what I did there?). I'm the type that would rather see people discuss their racial baggage out in the open, so I thought I'd publish this brief note from a reader in response to Black College Football the Xperience, a PC game that's now coming to the Xbox 360. Alex (aka some white guy) writes:

"Are they serious? I could only imagine the outrage that people would be crying if this game were to be called White College Football instead?"

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Beg For Mercy3389d ago

All these white people need to grow up and get over the fact that we have a black president, they are so jealous its pathetic, all these lil racist articles and stuff i ridiculous.

Nineball21123389d ago

Look up the word "ironic".

_Q_3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

"All these white people need to grow up and get over the fact that we have a black president, they are so jealous its pathetic, all these lil racist articles and stuff i ridiculous."
What the hell does that have to do with the president? How is the artical racist. the title of the game is stupid. There shouldn't be games that single out or exclude other ethnicities intentionally. He pointing out a double standard. I'm mexican and I'm proud of who I am and what my lineage is but I certainly wouldn't want my heritage pasted all over a game only to have other races intentionally left out. It seems stupid. It only perpetuate racial divide. Again this is my opinion I dont hate black people or white people or any others for that matter. But don't label someone a racist for pointing out an obvious double standard. And the whole jealous because of our black president...Wow... do I really need to explain how dumb you made yourself sound? Be a part of the solution. Think about what you say.

IronAva3389d ago

Well I think the story picture is racist.

I Luv Lamp

mindedone3389d ago

HBCUs are not black only.
Most colleges and universities are HWCU.
Most everything in the west is historically white; calling something HW[x] would be redundant.
Black College Football was not a politically correct name choice.
Racial equality doesn't come from ignoring race or not celebrating race and culture.

_Q_3389d ago

Now I understand that HBCU is a reality and BCF is representation of that reality. But with all the stupid racial "this and that" that it would be smarter not to label it as seemingly black specific? Fact is people aren't gonna look into the fact that HBCU isn't black only. People are going to see the title and assume. Just as they would if it were seemingly white specific. I think the whole race specific anything sends the wrong impression as a diverse people and comments like Beg for Mercy above don't help either.

mindedone3389d ago

It's disheartening, although I know nothing about this videogame, I'm sure it has nothing to do with what makes an HBCU stand out from other schools. It's like making an ivy league college football game.

Frankly, I believe it's wrong to chastise someone for celebrating his heritage, black or white. Equality isn't having everyone represented in every facet of life. Equality is a dynamic equalibrium, where people are represented equally at different times.

_Q_3389d ago

People wont accept a white person to do such a thing. So if this is evident, its best to keep all atttention out of the realm of racial pride ,at least so publicly. To me its kind of like how people should keep their religious and political beliefs to themselves. Its just best to keep that stuff to ones self. I guess how I see it is I wouldn't want All mexican soccer. =p but thats just me? Any how I see your point I just feel its best to not so much display a racial divide. It upsets people and evidently brings out ignorance. Not that I'm talking about yourself of course. Anywho good chattin.

DarthTigra 3389d ago

Yeah I agree this wasn't smart.

Th3 Chr0nic3389d ago

is this an extremely late and extremely bad attempt at an april fools joke???

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