Kitase: FFXIII will be the greatest FF ever

As if fans weren't excited enough at the prospect of playing Final Fantasy XIII, producer Yoshinori Kitase has fuelled the hype train even further by saying it'll be the greatest Final Fantasy game ever created.

And he should know. Kitase was the director of Final Fantasy VII, released on the PlayStation in 1997, a game considered by many to be the greatest Final Fantasy ever made.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3271d ago

being the greatest ever unless they didn't get into the series until FFVII came out.

Also...what does this mean for Versus?

Godmars2903271d ago

That when Versus nears completion and a release date that it will become the greatest FF ever. Just like every other FF before it.

Or are you missing the ironic point of the franchise being called "Final"?

Shadow Flare3271d ago

Sorry, i think FF7 IS the best final fantasy ever made, and i have played other ones including 6. But its all just opinion. Some think 8 is the best. Some think 10 is the best. I can respect why they think that. And more would that 6 is the best. I think 7 is easily the best though. And i hope 13 is good because im sick of the franchise now. Every game after 10 has been awful. So 13 better be something special and have a deep, involving story line. Because these games require alot of time to play them and if its anything like 12, then i didn't touch the game again after to tries of it.

ceedubya93271d ago

I tend to favor 8 and 10 more though. I thought Chrono Cross was pretty superb to, I might add.

iamtehpwn3271d ago

I find this hard to believe. I can't say it's the best final fantasy yet.

but I am a Proud owner of Final Fantasy VII advent children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII demo.

I can tell all you guys for sure.

This is the BEST combat system of any FF ever. It it a direct blend of VII, X-2, and XII.

INehalemEXI3271d ago

Kitase knows best , I'm going to believe em on this one.

badz1493270d ago

what else does he suppose to say?? his coming game is not better than the previous? this is just marketing! it's like the one where EA says they are working on the the greatest FPS ever!

SL1M DADDY3270d ago

That as much as I would like to believe this, the one saying so has been touched by the soul of Squenix. And in being touched, he has fallen prey to the same vicious marketing the rest of the Squenix employees have fallen prey to. They talk a big talk then have nothing to show for it other than mediocre games. When it comes to Sqenix, I tend to error on the side of caution and say, "wait 'till we see what they have to offer".

gamesmaster3270d ago

For the good of the company, i hope hes right. SE really needs this to deliver.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3270d ago

WE will decide if that is true. FF has been in decline, so I hope for nothing.

specialguest3270d ago

Here's hoping for a FF game that can take JRPG to a new level. In the mean time, FF7 is still my favorite, only winning by a tiny margin over FF6.

yojoe263270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

with Final Fantasy VII and, incidentally, it is my favorite in the franchise. I don't ever foresee me loving another Final Fantasy title as much as that one unless it is a remake. I do believe there will be better ones made and as far as that goes Final Fantasy X was probably the best in the series as far as mechanics and game-play go. However there is just a certain nostalgia that I experience anytime I even think of Final Fantasy VII that I don't think can ever be matched again. At least not for me. Also I just can't get into female lead characters in ANY game except Tomb Raider. Not being a girl I have a hard time associating with the said character. I'm sorry I just don't think any lead character can beat the awesomeness of Cloud Strife, especially not a woman. I don't care how "strong" of a woman or how cool her name is I just don't enjoy playing as girls. I love girls and all I Just don't want to "fantasize" (pun intended) as one!

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Hiruma Youchi3271d ago

AFter All this Time Waiting , It freaking As To Be the Greatest FF ever.

MisterNiwa3271d ago

Yeah one year since the 360 Version got announced was a real long time, rite?

As a PS3 Owner you can say i waited all the time.

But as a 360 Fanboy i cant believe that you waited longer than a year. :D

Shadow Flare3271d ago

And i hope you enjoy your inferior version while you're at it. Hope you don't get arthritis changing those discs

ceedubya93271d ago

by switching a disc after hours of gameplay, then that's sad. I'd hope that person doesn't have multiple games in their library. I'd hate to see what would happen if they decided to switch games...

Sky Zero3271d ago

Needlessly attacking him when he said nothing about the 360 shows your just as stupid as he is.

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LastDance3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

What is he talking about. The best Final Fantasy was Shadow Of The Colossus

IrishRepublicanArmy3271d ago

but we have a long wait to find out!!

lazzymusa3270d ago

Somehow I don't think so, thats the same thing they said about ff12 nd x-2 and I bought them running, i'm not falling for this again

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