VideoGamer: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Interview

With Sony giving the PSP a much needed release line-up boost earlier in the year, PSP gamers have a lot to look forward to over the coming months. One of those games is MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, due for release before the year's end on PSP and PS2. VideoGamer caught up with Richard Ogden, Game Director at BigBig Studios to get his take on if the game will be a cut above the competition and why the team chose to do something new with the series' debut on PSP.

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MoneyMarko3057d ago

Sony just keeps on delivering! XD

Lord_Ranos3057d ago

this year is gonna rock the PSP!!

pain777pas3056d ago

Want it and gonna get it. Nuff said.

Socomer 19793057d ago

i could hear my turbo boosting at this very moment.
Look out a Moster Truck!!!

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portable lunatics unite!!!!!!!!!