IGN: Final Fantasy Reader Q&A

You asked, and they answered; last week two of Square Enix's biggest talents found themselves in the damp heart of London to promote Dissidia, the PSP brawler that brings together heroes and villains from Final Fantasy's past and present – and we took the opportunity to present the two with some of your questions.

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Crystallis3237d ago

Very good article. Dissidia needs to hurry and come out. My psp is crying to be played.

Weed3237d ago

Quit ignoring MMO questions SE, It's been what 5 years?

Give it a fcking name already.

SpoonyRedMage3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

You mean Rapture? They've already they're working on it.

EDIT: Don't why they can't talk about it though.

locos853237d ago

Never heard of the game... looks interesting

mastiffchild3237d ago

Funny how they seemed shocked that we in the west actually don't mind(and often prefer)Japanese voicework ples subs.

I hope Sega were listening and rush Yakuza3 out with that set up-if it makes FF13 come more quickly I won't miss the shoddy English voice acting either.

Dissidia is out this autumn in Europe innit?