Colin McRae: DIRT 2 - Studio Tour video

Codesmasters published a new behind the scenes video from Colin McRae: DIRT 2 showing for the first time some footage from the game.

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bullswar3357d ago

My First Impression .....


Now this is what Motorstorm developers should have delivered in their end product ... but alas .... This game will look much much better and far superior as is being developed for X360 and then will be ported to PS3.

COdemaster .... you the man.

Hellsvacancy3357d ago

It looked ok but thats about it, they could atleast of shown a car bein smashed up

JOLLY13357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

The game looks spectacular! I guess it isn't an exclusive, so it can only be considered "ok" in your eyes. I really think it is funy that you can have your (not yours vacancy) avatar swinging from the rear view mirror.

Hellsvacancy3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Wots "Exclusive" gotta do wid any-thin i still buy multiplats Dead Space, Fallout 3, Prince Of Persia 2 name a few so i guess YOUR fanboy hater pants r on 2 tight coz theres nothin fanboyish about wot i said

Edit. @ Jolly - it wasnt my intent on ghost editing oh and as 4 my spellin it is a deliberate thing so get over it,

Read wot i said idiot i said "the game looked ok" which it does i didnt mention the words exclusive or multiplat or 360 or Ps3 U did i gave an honest opinion i also said 2day that Red Dead Redemption looked FANTASTIC (which it really does) and if im not mistaken thats a multiplat game so good job i said summin good about it i wouldnt want u 2 fall of the band wagon again

JOLLY13357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I would be bashing your spelling (speaking of spelling....that title of my first post, phew!). I am sorry if you are getting any end of a stick man, sucks for you. I am actually laughing (that's where the jolly part comes in) at your opinion. You can't just say the game looks superb. You just have to try and say something hater, because you can't believe the game looks so good for a multiplat game. You probably saw that it was running on 360 and that bothered you too. HA!

*edit* Nice ghost edit man, did you realize your first post was embarrassing to you?

360 man3357d ago

on this site ive noticed that if a game is not exclusive to ps3, no matter how good the graphics are, ps3 fans would always say that the game looks just average or even sub-par.

i think its because some ps3 fans were led to believe that the ps3 was an all powerful super-computer, which will trounce all near competitors in the graphics department.

but yet 360 still keeps hanging about. constantly improving its graphical threshold

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diefor3357d ago

Probably a great gameplay inside view.

HarukoHex3357d ago

GRID put GT5 to shame graphics wise, and now Dirt 2 is putting GRID to shame all around.

can't wait, another great title by codemasters.

colossi163357d ago

Very impressive particle effects. I may pick this up.

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