G&P Reviews Velvet Assassin

Hamburg developer Replay Studios transposes the halting spy career of a French-born British woman into a stealth-action game, which Southpeak Interactive has published as Velvet Assassin -- a solemn thriller, accessible genre title and exceptional period piece.

Velvet Assassin's tidy formula might bore more seasoned players, or, with checkpoints that are at junctures unforgiving, frustrate newer ones, if gameplay were other than a medium for Velvet Assassin's vivid, even terrifying portrayal of Europe during the Second World War; a lurid story from the beginning.

Each chapter of Velvet Assassin, then, brings not only another puzzle but one more clue as to the fate which attentive players will be desperate to know. That is a magnificent crux.

Reviewer: Michael Ubaldi

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