Atlantica Online Selected As Official Game Of GNGWC

NDOORS has announced today that its free to play MMO Atlantica Online has been selected as the official game of the upcoming Game&Game World Championship (GNGWC) 2009.

Atlantica Online, which recently received a large update including the addition of two new classes, features a turn-based battle system allowing 100v100 PvP combat.

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AndyA3276d ago

100 v 100? Could be interesting.

Maticus3276d ago

I've heard good things about this game

Leord3276d ago

Yes, I mean there's so many free MMOs, but once in a while, a good one pops up.

If the PvP play is decent, then this could be a hit!

Leord3276d ago

100 vs 100 PvP combat! O.O

Fyzzu3276d ago

That seems a bit of an odd choice, but...