Guitar Hero Universe Expands - Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and DJ Hero Revealed

Activision is set to once again revolutionise how consumers interact with music by releasing three new titles this autumn – DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero – that will redefine the company's popular music gaming platform. The slate will transform the way consumers enjoy and engage with music by offering the largest variety of music genres, innovative technologies and new social entertainment experiences for existing fans and millions of new consumers who previously have not joined Guitar Hero's global community of fans.

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DeforMAKulizer3393d ago

Does anyone agree that the insanity with Activision regarding the "Something" Hero franchise is going nuts?!
I mean wow! Guitar Hero I, II, III, World Tour, On Tour, Aerosmith, Metallica, the rumored Van Halen, Smash Hits, and Now BAND HERO, and DJ Hero, and V....
This madness is becoming freaky!
I have enough peripherals already... I dont want more :(

Goldenarmz3393d ago

and what is even a lil more freaky is that ALL those games came with in a span of a year, its like they just add a new cover and ship it out. Why dont they just release these games as expansions and only come out with GH 4,5,6,7 but all those sub games should jus be dlc for 15 bucks. I would like to check out DJ Hero tho. But they are running it in to the dirt now. Atleast put some space in between them. My god.

Bnet3433392d ago

Band Hero? Damn! DJ Hero, I already knew it was coming and I won't pass it off till' I see the track list and how it plays out.