Gamereactor: Space Invaders Extreme (XBLA) review

Gamereactor have posted a glowing review of Space Invaders Extreme (XBLA):

"Space Invaders Extreme is great value for your Microsoft points. 800 space bucks is dirt cheap considering how much fun I've had with it. It doesn't matter if you're an old Space Invaders fan or a youngling that never really tried it. It's both great nostalgia and the most fun history lesson you've ever had. Just download it already and crank up the volume to the max while getting into a lovely state of trance, listen to your mad neighbours knocking at your door wondering what the heck you are doing. Life is good when space invades."

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TheBrit3388d ago

I must say I'm pretty annoyed that the original version of the arcade game isn't in there. I thought I read, maybe just assumed, that like all other arcade games that are a spruced up version of the classic you normally get the classic thrown in.

That's the only thing that disappoints me about the game.