End of Eternity - New screenshots

Sega published some new screenshots from End of Eternity.

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Willio3229d ago

The CGI does look good. However, i hope it doesnt end up as another Devil May Cry with "upgrades" to weapons making it a "RPG" genre.

SpoonyRedMage3240d ago

Wow, looking good. This game is a definite purchase for me.

raztad3240d ago


This is a very honest question. How can game be a definitely purchase just cause it looks good? I wonder about the gameplay, devs are tri-Ace and I heard SO4 was far from stellar. I just hope Sega involvement helps to make this an awesome game. I really want it to be good. A good and mature (dark) rpg is all I ask, this one looks mature but we know nothing about how it plays so far.

SpoonyRedMage3240d ago

Well I'm not the only one that forms an opinion on a game before playing it, nearly everyone else does. Hence hype for titles like The Conduit, Killzone 2, etc.

I like Tri-Ace games though and I trust Sega and the look certainly does help.

Willio3229d ago

It's Spoons money and opinion, whos to judge?