Nintendo reports total worldwide sales of Wii and DS; what's anticipated in the fiscal year ahead

Today, Nintendo has reported total worldwide sales of the Wii and Nintendo DS for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009. They've also projected a consistent number of units to sell for the next fiscal year.

Nintendo's fiscal year hardware sales (units listed below):
Nintendo DS: 31 million units (100 million units lifetime)
Wii: 26 million units (50 million units lifetime)

Nintendo's fiscal year software sales (units listed below):
Nintendo DS: 197 million units
Wii: 204 million units

Nintendo's projected sales for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2009:
Nintendo DS: 30 million hardware units and 180 million software units
Wii: 26 million hardware units and 220 million software units

Nintendo's Fiscal year global financial performance (in millions of yen and percentage changes vs. previous year):
Sales, ¥1,838,622 (+9.9%)
Operating Profit, ¥555,263 (+14%)
Recurring Profit, ¥448,695 (+1.8%)
Net Profit, ¥279,089 (+8.5%)

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SpoonyRedMage3236d ago

I think the new KH and DQ will give the DS a boost in Japan. Good numbers though.

Nintendo sure got lucky with the Wii and DS.

yippiechicken3236d ago

Lucky? How about making good decisions and good management.

SpoonyRedMage3236d ago

How do you mean? They did make a lot of excellent choices but the majority thought that the PS3 and PSP would completely eliminate Nintendo.

mint royale3236d ago

Are you suppossed to be bragging? Surely if more people could afford the ps3 it would get good sales? Is that not what you want?

ShabzS3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

that the I phone has more available memory than the wii... i dont know who came up with the idea for wii in the nintendo department by releasing a console with such low specs with beasts like x360 and ps3 around the corner... but they clearly knew what they were doing ... kudos to nintendo

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