10° review: Mad World

DoFuss says: "With Nintendo and most third party publishers focusing their sites on the 'casual' market few have tried targeting the more serious gaming audience on Wii. With the comparative failure of such titles and their high development costs who can blame publishers from being a little wary about venturing in to this niche market on the little white system? Sega has thrown caution to the wind however with their latest offerings.

Foremost amongst is Platinum Games (formally Clover Studios) developed Mad World. Superficially it seems like everything the traditional gaming crowd has been demanding. A (primarily) black and white colour palette gives a stylish Frank Miller graphic novel vibe to the experience and a lavish splattering of blood and gore (I said primarily black and white) ensured it received a rating of 'M' for mature (which is the last thing I would label it). It is a visually arresting style and while in dire need of some anti-aliasing it manages to dodge most of the Wii technical limitations and function far better in motion than stills suggest."

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