Mythos Development Continues, Being Reconstructed

WorthPlaying writes: "Mythos is a free-to-play online, action RPG where players assume the roles of fantasy heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest through entirely randomized dungeons and environments. Hanbitsoft revealed that is currently in a good condition where it's being reconstructed by its recently formed T3 Entertainment studio."

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RainOfTerror3303d ago

that's good news, I loved that game.

Hope they are going to re-open the beta, and even better if they kept the old acct info.

ahnonamis3303d ago

There's no way they keep the old account info. Completely new companies working on it now.

I wouldn't be surprised, knowing HanbitSoft, if things changed either. Expect an item shop of some sort, as well as premium-only content.

RainOfTerror3303d ago

oh well, so much for that :)