Rappelz To Be Launched In Turkey

gPotato Europe today announced that the free to play fantasy MMO, Rappelz, is to be released in Turkey.

Turkish players will have access to a fully localised and supported version of Rappelz, which already has over two and a half million players worldwide. It will also feature the latest additions to the game, including the new expansion 'Navis Lamia'. Rappelz hit the headlines recently when it became the first MMORPG to be fully localised into Arabic by publisher GamePower7.

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Maticus3241d ago

Strewth, she's bent that sword

Leord3241d ago

It's just not a straight sword, so the perspective makes it look bent :)

Dorjan3241d ago

wow.. doing things WoW hasn't done... cleaver!

AndyA3241d ago

Don't bring kitchen-ware into this.

Leord3241d ago

I think it's really interesting that it's localized to Arabic.

Maticus3241d ago

The first of its kind, maybe it'll spark off a trend :)

Fyzzu3241d ago

This game's getting everywhere. I didn't even realise it was that big.

Boraki3241d ago

To Leord :

I am not sure about how much things you know about Turkey, but it is not an Arabic country, so do not surprise.