EuroGamer EXPO 2009 Dates Announced.

The EuroGamer EXPO 2009 dates and venues have finally been released, and with both events in Leeds and London, there is no excuse for the games enthusiast to miss this year's fiesta of FPS, rave of Racing, and myraid of 'Mote Waggling.

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CrAppleton3212d ago

Sweet! Too bad I don't live in UK

Neco5123212d ago

Oh nice! Looking forward to this!

CrAppleton3212d ago

Looks like an awesome event! Glad we've got people going from the site!

Kaecyus3212d ago

So am I. Last year was a blast; can't wait to go again.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3212d ago

Looks like a load of fun to be had. Oh well, don't live in the UK :(

ps360s3212d ago

I been to the last one and it was good...but hated some people who didn't let other people try out the games (they just stayed sitting for long hrs with their friends not giving other people a go!!) I wanted to have a go on Killzone 2 (god damn it!)

but atleast I got to try out L4D and it was great which had assistants and a timer in which u allow on for.

Spolodaface3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I used to go to the old Playstation Ecperience things and in comparison Eurogamer is a lot better when it comes to people getting off games.

Now ludicrously long queues? They're still in there.

Oh to be British.

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