Combat Arms Adds Kick Feature

Nexon has announced the latest update for Combat Arms Europe includes the new "Vote Kick" system, designed to give players a quick and easy way of booting abusive players.

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Fyzzu3358d ago

That wasn't in before? Seems a bit of an oversight.

Leord3358d ago

Indeed, only really old games don't have this nowadays.

Maticus3358d ago

Seems like an excellent addition

AndyA3358d ago

You'd think wouldn't you?

Malfurion3358d ago

It's almost a MUST to have a kick feature in games these days.

AndyA3358d ago

I imagine you get quite a lot of trash talkers in a free-to-play online shooter

Maticus3358d ago

Yeah, considering how many you get in other popular shooters. It's almost un-playable sometimes.

AndyA3358d ago

I miss the old days text-only communication.It was easier to ignore morons.

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