Since When Does Sony Support Idiotic Fanboy Rants?

Sony recently twittered a link to an article on PSX which could be called a fanboy rant, Nick from Lazygamer disagreed with the article and posted a response as follows.

"The article titled, "Where Did All The PS3 Hate Go" reeks of fanboyism and is actually just downright immature in this day and age, even when compared to rants in the past. To give you a good example of how this all goes, here is the opening paragraph:

"Let me see if I can break this down for all of you haters, currently cowering in a corner and hoping to God nobody calls you to task for your doom-and-gloom claims from the early days of the PlayStation 3."

Sony, we can all run our mouths about this sort of thing as much as we want. You however, have some sort of responsibility as a large corporation to keep yourselves out of childish garbage like this."

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panasonic233332d ago

leave sony fanboys alone they are having a hard time being in last place so they are making things up to make them selves feel better.

AssassinHD3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Some of us are too busy playing great games to care about what place a corporation is in. If I live to be 100 I will never understand why people care about sales or attach rates. You bought your console to play games...right?

Edit: Oh look I got a disagree. I guess at least one person out there did not buy his console for the purpose of playing games. That is just sad.

Lou-Cipher3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Last place in sells, but first place in games, and first place in hardware, and first place in quality, and also knowing that the PS3 will always have a steady flow of quality exclusive games in the future sorta puts the PS3 in first place. (I wish I could say that the 360 will have many AAA exclusive games every year, but I cant)

Chris3993332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Look at the flack the company is getting over a timed-exclusivity deal. How they're being called duplicitous and underhanded for something that their competitor has been doing since launch - Bioshock, Lost Planet, Tales of Vesperia, the list goes on and on.

I've been tremendously happy with the software this gen (from all of the consoles, most notably PS3/ 360), but the behavior of hobbyists and the articles/ counter articles all usually written BY PEOPLE WHO AREN'T ACTUAL JOURNALISTS is quite ridiculous. In no other media/ industry would this be tolerated. Even politics is more moderated and sensible than gaming. POLITICS, for Chrissakes. It's embarrassing really, and not something that I want to be associated with.

SL1M DADDY3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Sony links to a site from a Sony fanboy and deserves blasts from crack journalists but when Aaron Greenturd rants himself, nothing is said about it? Just goes to show how lop-sided the media is these days. heck, Sony needs more folks like the fanboys they twittered about. It helps keep the media even, especially when in todays market it is "ok" for such media outlets to lie about Sony.

My favorite is the story where they claim Sony is not selling well and their marketing was their demise for failure... If Sony sells as much as the 360 in terms of world wide sales then what does that say about the 360? Oh yeah, that would be logic... Something these media moguls know nothing about.

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cherrypie3332d ago

"2 and a half years, when youre proven dead wrong and when PS3 proved its the number 1 system for exclusives, multi platform titles, movies"

Utter fiction. That is the point. The only thing the PS3 has proven, is it wont be an absolute financial disaster for Sony.

All this "number 1 for ..." is utter fiction. The fact STILL remains that the Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 worldwide, the Xbox 360 has the highest attach rate in the history of consoles. And MS is DISTANCING itself from the PS3.

Are their good games on PS3? OF COURSE! But so are their great games on Xbox 360. No one thought that Sony would go from the 120M last gen to 0 this gen, but they pretty nearly did.

The PS3 is going to be a CASE STUDY in failure, and no amount of PS3-fanboy defenders are going to resolve that. No one goes from 120M dominance to a very clear last place.

I think that PS3 loyalists need to accept this fact: That Sony MPAA division used the PS3-divison to sell movies and solve their DVD-pirating issues. To everyone who doesnt have an emotional relationship with their hardware, this is pretty much accepted.

Oh, and before anyone says it, Dave Shippy (the IBM Engineer behind both CPUs) thinks both machines are "about equal", so please, for the love of reason, stop pretending like the PS3 has some "untapped future".

voice_of_ reason3332d ago

"Even politics is more moderated and sensible than gaming."

Perhaps you're not that familiar with politics...

butterfinger3332d ago

lol. You are absolutely correct.

Nineball21123332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

LOL... All that tripe coming from one of the BIGGEST fanboys on this site is worth about as much as I paid for it... nothing.

See SL1M DADDY's response at 6.2, it's the sole reason why Sony is in (OMG!) 3rd place so far.

"I think that PS3 loyalists need to accept this fact: That Sony MPAA division used the PS3-divison to sell movies and solve their DVD-pirating issues."

Well, frankly I don't care what they used the PS3 division for... trojan horse for movies or DVD-pirating or to secretly take over my living room... All I know is that I've got the most reliable, multi-purpose, gaming sytem/entertainment hub out right now. LOL...

Eh, what's it matter. I won't convice you and you sure won't convice me.

I think the PSX article is correct (although maybe a bit gloating) and I don't have a problem with Sony referencing the article.

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thor3332d ago

The argument has been made.

The ONLY argument that CAN be made.

"Sony were the market leaders and now they're not."

That's it!! That's the entire scope of the entire media's hate towards Sony and the PS3. That's the entire scope of the "failure" of the PS3. That's the only real negative, which has been dragged out over countless articles and blogs. Nobody really said that the original Xbox "failed" - they excused it because it was Microsoft's first attempt.

So I wish people would let it go. The only thing holding the PS3 back now is the extreme hate caused by that one fact. It is doing far better against the 360 than the Xbox was doing against the PS2. In many territories, it's actually ahead in terms of install base. And as far as attach rate goes, I would like to see how the attach rates for both consoles have evolved over time, and what they include (downloadable games or not)?

Looking at it purely objectively, one would have to rate the current-gen consoles like this:

1) DS
2) PSP
3) Wii
4) 360
-) PS3

The 360 and the PS3 are pretty much neck-and-neck at the bottom of the pile. There's not as much demand for them. The % difference in worldwide monthy sales is small. Sony have been wise to move into the portable market as well as keeping support for the PS2.

Chris3993332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Please show me a clip of CNN, Face the Nation, or some other political media show where they are interviewing someone with no political background, degree or secondary qualifications on matters of the State. You know Anderson Cooper talking to some random person off the street regarding the national deficit and it's impact on the global market (and NOT in a "talking with the people" type of segment, as an actual specialist). It doesn't exist.

Granted, "qualified" people can still be idiots or harbor insane views, however, even the majority of political, extremist mouthpieces have DEGREES or qualifications. Regardless of how outlandish their beliefs may be, they are at least educated. I think it's fair to say that the majority of all gaming media outlets and personalities are NOT journalists by trade.

They are hobbyists. Would you want a surgeon performing an operation on you, or someone who REALLY, REALLY likes House/ E.R./ Gray's Anatomy?

All-33332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

IF <--- there truly is "flack" coming from any journalists over the timed exclusivity of the upcoming Ghostbusters game in PAL territories... it's probably because of Sony's previous comments ABOUT exclusivity concerning 3rd party titles.

Remember that Sony claims it doesn't PAY for exclusivity like Microsoft does... and yet it'll put out MONEY now in order to get an exclusive deal?

Sony --> is the Publisher in PAL territories - YES?

Can someone explain how that is any different from Microsoft publishing a 3rd party title?

As for comments about Sony being up front about Ghostbusters being merely a timed exclusive... did Sony really have any choice?

Ghostbusters was ALREADY announced before the "timed exclusivity deal"... to be in development for multiple systems, and obviously that WASN'T going to change. How else was Sony going to declare any form of exclusivity then? The only choice was announcing a TIMED exclusivity deal... or say nothing at all - but wouldn't that defeat the purpose for going after the publishing rights, and the timed exclusivity deal in PAL territories in the first place?

In many of the examples given above concerning Microsoft and "timed exclusives" for the 360... how many of those games were previously, and officially announced as multiplatform games from the start?


---> Sony links to a site from a Sony fanboy and deserves blasts from crack journalists but when Aaron Greenturd rants himself, nothing is said about it?

BS... what Greenburg says is commented on by journalists... JUST as when spokespeople/officials/execs mouth off about Microsoft and/or the 360 --> the DIFFERENCE here is that the linked article ISN'T by any Sony rep... get it?

Point us to any 360 fanboy rant against the PS3 where Microsoft has --> LINKED <-- to...

See the point now?

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Lifendz3332d ago

Back in the NES and Sega Master system days, you were never clowned for owning one system over the other. Both had their pros and cons. Turbo Graphix owners were so rare (in my neighborhood at least) that if you found one you couldn't wait to go over their house and play games.

Super NES vs. Sega Genesis wasn't that bad either. Certain games were just much better on Genesis and certain games on SNES weren't even possible on Genesis. Still a win-win.

So on and so on until today. I still attribute a large amount of it to the launch price of the PS3 but it really doesn't make sense to speak against the console, and its users, so much when the system is much cheaper now than it once was and is a darn good bargain for what you pay for.

Certain people on here (e.g. Bloodmask) seem to have devoted their lives to addressing only Sony fanboys. There are fanboys on both sides and neither is more idiotic than the other.

To quote one of my favorite movie characters, "I'm too old for this bleep." I just play the games now. Any complaining I do about a system or company comes simply from a place of holding companies accountable to gamers.

Trebius3331d ago

Yeah...IBM built a completely NEW processor for Sony and used old hardware for the 360...but both are equal right? You probably dont know how business let me break it down for you...

If you're a company that builds car engines...and you develop a BRAND new state of the art engine for Mitsubishi, and you tune up an OLD engine for Chrysler's new car have in essence supported 2 companies that compete against eachother.

Now...if the press asks you, which of the two do you prefer? Which one is better? Which one should we buy? YOUR company cannot pick one over the other, you HAVE to say they are both equal, because you will be shooting yourself in the foot if you side with one and not the other.

EVERYONE knows that the PS3's brand new cell processor is the way of the future, they spent crazy money to plan and build it...but IBM will not say it's better because M$ will then be pissed off and not do business with them again.

THINK for as second before you say stupid sh!t Cherrypie...PLEASE.

SaiyanFury3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Oh the doom and gloom against Sony is big this time around. Look at the flak they're receiving just for one timed exclusive (Ghostbusters). The 360 has gotten more of them than I can count and no one cried foul.

Looking at the picture, it's Seferoth's avatar! :D

IaMs123331d ago

I agree that Sony had every right to call Dibs on timed Exclusive but the meer fact that it was a month from release was a little lower then just have timed Exclusive. 2nd half the games you mentioned the PS3 was either 1 havent been launched yet or 2 just launched. Like BioShock and Lost Planet. If Sony wanted it timed they should have made a deal awhile ago.

cherrypie3331d ago

"1.14... IBM built a completely NEW processor for Sony and used old hardware for the 360...but both are equal right... "

I think I'll take THE LEAD ENGINEER FOR BOTH PROJECT at his word when he explains to you: "they are equal" you still want to double-guess him?

Sony's CPU has SPEs and a single PowerPC core. The Xbox 360 has 3 PowerPC cores, with two threads each. Their is nothing "new or old" about either, they are roughly of the same vintage, just different designs.

The amount of back-bending necessary to maintain your fantasy world-view is heartbreaking to witness.

What a shame.

kaveti66163331d ago

I'm sorry, did you just say, "when Aaron Greenturd rants himself, nothing is said about it? Just goes to show how lop-sided the media is these days." Why are you lying? Whenever green"turd" says anything people criticize him. I know for a fact that the Sony boys criticize him because, come on, that's what they're trained to do, so don't lie and say that nobody criticizes MS, because both companies receive FLAK regularly. Always and forever, people from both sides bash each other, and you justify bashing MS because you think no one has bashed them yet?

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be_wrong3332d ago

wow everytime sony gets something good it becomes a big deal... talk about insecurity... can't everyone admit that the ps3 is a great unit...

Expy3332d ago


Where the hell is that?! Have to get some random alias and domain to cover up your tracks? This type of article is what the gaming scene does not need, THIS is what reeks of fanboyism.

solidjun53332d ago

I'm going to create a site/blog called and just rant there. I'm sure it'll get approved.

jack_burt0n3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Who approved a story with fanboy in the ******* title.

Am waiting for boobgaming.blospot my new ******** homepage.

Ognipode3332d ago is a South African gaming site. Look into it for two seconds before running your mouth and saying something stupid please.

solidjun53332d ago

Who cares where it's from? I'm sure someone can create a website from Anartica. Maybe you should stop saying stupid things.

Ognipode3332d ago

Err, Expy asks "where the hell is that" and I answer, and you ask me who cares. Do you people even read any of this stuff before replying, seriously?

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cmrbe3332d ago

was spot on.

Its funny that when these so called game journalist are called out they suddenly and conveinetly say that Sony shouldn't act like they do lol!.