Lead John Connor to Victory In Terminator's New iPhone Game writes: Hot on NFS: Undercover's release trail from yesterday is Terminator Salvation, published by longtime Ubisoft collaborative partner Gameloft. It seems that a new trend is evident amongst the consumers in the App Store. The formulaic pick-up-and-play games are receiving less attention these days, while giants such as EA and Gameloft have continued to stamp their presence onto the App Store's more exclusive, higher echelon consumers who are looking to buy premium priced titles such as last month's Assassin's Creed, yesterday's Need For Speed: Undercover and now Terminator Salvation. Though these $9.99 tagged games aren't necessarily the best of the best, they do tend to push the boundaries of the iDevices' capabilities. The iPhone and iPod touch are looking less like a mobile phone and MP3 player respectively, and more of a capable pocket-sized gaming system. Yes, I said it. If you have a Blackberry, I'm not going to argue an iPhone is superior to it. If you own an iPod Classic 120GB, I won't dispute over its audio competence. What I will say is that by not having either of these gadgets right now means losing out on one of the year's biggest talk - the growth in the mobile gaming market. For those who own Apple's little device, make sure you check out John Connor's latest fight on the small screen. Gameloft's new title sits at $9.99 for 124MB worth of content.

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