Blu-ray player sales on the rise

quoted from Eric Franklin

"I haven't bought a DVD in more than a year". Since getting a PlayStation3 which plays Blu-ray Discs "I just find it difficult to justify paying a slightly lower price (for a DVD) for a noticeably lower quality picture".

"It wasn't always that way. There was a time when I didn't understand the appeal of Blu-ray. Now, it's difficult for me to even watch a standard DVD. Even the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy which was the holy grail for me for DVD picture quality only a few years back disappoints me to watch".

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CryWolf3306d ago

The time of DVDs are over time of the blu-ray has begin.

50CALheadshot3306d ago

WALL-E, THE HULK, IRONMAN, DARK KNIGHT made it clear that bluray is not failing, while silencing EVERYONE that said bluray and ps3 were finished.

SolidAhmed3306d ago

Finally we can safely say it is about time

SolidAhmed3306d ago

because it is healthy for the industry

dale13306d ago

what about my hd add on for my 360,i,m having problems finding films.when,s batman coming or was it a joker.

SolidAhmed3306d ago

that you have to buy a blu-ray driver to enjoy high definition because the hd dvd is died from more than a year.

1233603306d ago

serious now i,ve got one of them hdd add on,s,its a door stop now at best,but i use my ps3 for movies its an awesome system period.bluray is so much sharper than standard dvd the add on was good why it latested but hdvd didn,t beat bluray in terms of sound and picture quality.

3306d ago