What Is Nintendo's Game Plan?

Kotaku: "In the challenging and competitive gaming industry, which consistently requires new and innovative products, Nintendo will strive to expand its business and increase revenue and profit by capitalizing on being the only hardware platform producer with powerful in-house software development teams."

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Tachyon_Nova3331d ago

They can make games that sell, but none of them are very fun or even good games

Genesis53331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Ummmm! No your not. There is another console maker out there that has 20 pretty strong 1st party development studios.

Capt CHAOS3331d ago

Yeah. Microsoft.


Yeah, agreed, Sony's first part dev teams are excellent.

OmarJA3331d ago

Wrong, sorry Nintendo but Sony is the most powerful console maker this gen with three successful consoles selling & over 10 powerful 1st party studios.

Mini Mario3331d ago

"They can make games that sell, but none of them are very fun or even good games"

Nintendo cant make a good game>>>>? That is a typical comment from a typical fanboy.

Pure BS.

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ape0073331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

of course nintendo 1st party is amazing


sony also has amazing things

god of war?

also sony introduce new game like infamous,uncharted

and ms,gears,halo,fable?

Hiruma Youchi3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

lol . Nintendo games get boring fast. wii is a Fad.

Nintendo is talking about Strong 1st party but all they make is Party games related to Mario(GETS BORING!!!!)


Mass Effect , Crackdown also

mastiffchild3331d ago

Yeah the quality of Wii Fit and Wii Music were really showing how talented they are-most people I know who got Wii Fit in the UK did so to get the balance board after thinking it would be supported by lota of games and it never happened. Zelda, Metroid, Mario, SSB et al are fine(looking forward to Punchout!!, S&P2 and hoping for Kid Icarus and a new F-Zero this year)games/series but the last new IP was bloody Pikmin 9 years back!!

If they're so damn good why don't you let them make some, like, new games Nintendo? I like Nintendo and unlike most people on here am looking forward to a few Wii games this year but to say a first party team that is only ever asked to pump out what often equates to more of the same is more talented and powerful than anyone else is talking out of their hat. I don't doubt the talent is as good but I can't see if it's better or more powerful if Ninty dumb down most of their projects.

Smacktard3331d ago

The last new IP was actually probably Captain Rainbow. The last successful one, however, was probably Pikmin.

Mini Mario3331d ago

"Nintendo is talking about Strong 1st party but all they make is Party games related to Mario(GETS BORING!!!!)"

Why not pick on the core Mario games>>? (galaxy, mario 3, super mario world, mario 64 etc etc) O wait u cant because that would be impossoble. Just because YOU dont think they are fun doesnt mean they are not. I mean how generic are FPS's and RTS' and shoot , *bang* head shot *spawn*...rinse and repeat.

Maybe u havent given any of the games a chance, or your too pig headed to admit the truth.

Omega43331d ago

It is quite amazing that even though there is a lot of hate for nintendo, because they are doing so well by just releasing poor excuses for games like WiiFit, they still manage to create the best games.

Since every time they release a game from one of their established franchises like Super Mario or Zelda its always a AAA game easily scoring an average above 90. They even have the highest rated next-gen exclusive Super Mario Galaxy which has a crazy 97 average

TheHater3331d ago

do you think the game they release are good or because of the "NAME?" Most games these days sell because of the name and not the quality of the game.

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cmacdonald3331d ago

This is just silly talk.

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