Visceral Prez. Glen Schofield shares his views on Madworld sales

President Glen Schofield of Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood) has given his opinion on M-rated games on Wii and what he thinks went wrong with Madworld and it's sales.

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Product3390d ago

I still think Madworld will sell pretty well when its all said and done.

Smacktard3390d ago

Yep. It's the common belief that Wii games have "legs." That's why CoD and even Mario Galaxy's initial sales weren't that great, but have sold over a million each. I think de Blob and Boom Blox's initial sales weren't fantastic either, but they've sold over a million each.

hatchimatchi3390d ago

as long as ea allows visceral to be creative and doesn't bog them down with nonsense, i expect nothing but solid games from them. Dead Space is a solid game from start to finish and dantes inferno looks great as well.