Lair 60% off on GoGamer

Factor 5's PS3-exclusive action title Lair is being offered for $15.90 on GoGamer, slashing nearly $25 off the game's retail price.

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ape0072637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

not that game it casue a lot of headach

major letdown since F5 developed some of the most amazing games

the star wars rogue squadron on n64 and the 2 sequels on the gc


irish-leprecaun2637d ago

it could have been a hit and reviewers wudnt of had much to b!tch about!!

LiquifiedArt2637d ago

Played 10hrs or so worth of campaign and enjoyed it. It could of been much more then what it was (a flying game), but it was fun and the story enjoyable.

15$ is a steal. I'd pick it up.

jromao2637d ago

Game is a crap, and it's on sell in some uk stores for $5.99. I still think $5.99 is expensive.

The_Devil_Hunter2637d ago

Youre [email protected] and you dont see us say anything.
GO ahead and reply I dare ya.

deshon092637d ago

still not getting it sorry it was just a bad game

xabmol2637d ago

This game is definitely worth playing.

Mr Freeze2637d ago

Cool I might pick this one up.

Kleptic2637d ago

dude...I only own a PS3...and am very happy with it...

but I rented this game for $3 when it released...and want my money back...the motion controls are not whats bad...its everything else...

Th3 Chr0nic2637d ago

i thought all the shops that had this in stock were using it to pad their dumpsters

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The story is too old to be commented.