54 Wii Titles Pass 1 Million Sales

As DS hardware officially passes 100m unit sales mark and worldwide Wii sales pass 50m. In total 54 Wii titles have now sold over a million copies worldwide...

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Beg For Mercy3388d ago

is the bestest console cause it has all the great sallessssssssssssssssss

kewlkat0073388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

with my wii again. I have been playing VC games but no major titles.

I gotta say Punch Out I think will sell well because Wii Sports Boxing seems to be the most popular.

I guess a company can still be successful with out having most pixels Per square inch. Remember, developer were shy early one with the Wii.

Dark-vash3388d ago

It has a few games worth playing!

imho, the best is never measured by technical specifications...

LeonSKennedy4Life3388d ago

It's not about the technical stuff...

The PS2 is much less powerful than the Wii...but it still has a much better selection. Anything on the Wii want to go up against Shadow of the Colossus?

edgeofblade3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I hate to say it, but it's sales DO justify Wii's position as number one. You can't cite some self-evident quality of PS3 and 360 games over Wii. The people buying the games clearly don't care.

Now, what we as hardcore gamers need to do is stop acting like fanboys and realize Microsoft and Sony are on the same side. Because if we don't, Nintendo is going to damage the industry irreparably.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

games4fun3388d ago

of course everyone who owns a 360/ps3 hates the situation because the writing is on the wall.

Speaking for myself anyway: i dont want the types of games the wii gets to come to my system. But with those sales the wii is totally justified to the execs in what it has done if all three companies adopt this mentality i fear its going to be another E.T. episode where the gaming industry collapses under its own stupidity.

The day the hardcore fans have to leave is the day when the fickle casuals decide not to buy anything for a year and your left with bankruptcy and weakened industry that will again have to take years to recover.

Tito Jackson3388d ago

Trash talk the Wii.

Im pretty sure, they're laughing at you, all the way to the bank.

games4fun3388d ago

people trash talk Kenny G he laughs all the way to the bank the money dont change my stance on what is good and what is bad for an industry.

Tito Jackson3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Kenny G? I guess selling over 50million albums in the US alone is a bad thing for the music industry. Shame on him. They should shove that Saxophone right up his @$$.

Nintendo has been in the gaming industry, for a while now, capturing the hearts of many, long before people could claim they were "hardcore" gamers, long before the original playstation, and long before the original xbox. I sorry, but Nintendo represents the heart and soul of gaming. You should ask some of your favorite Dev's where they would be without Nintendo.

I know this is about your "stance" on the industry. And believe me, I'm not trying to change that, because it doesn't matter. I feel that people should eat meat, but the Vegans dont feel that way--- who cares? It doesn't change the fact that Meat is tasty as hell and provides a great source of protein for your body.

Kenny G & Nintendo apparently cash their checks at the same bank, NEAT!

SpoonyRedMage3387d ago

Nintendo has been in the games industry since the first generation of gaming. Long before the NES.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3388d ago

Well, duh!

The Wii has the best lineup!

Who can deny the greatness of Red Steel, Mario and Sonic and the Olympic Games, and Wii Music???!!!

Beg For Mercy3388d ago

LOVEEEEEEEEE the wii i mean it sells so many units and games every month i mean as a gamer how can you not enjoy that. :)

games4fun3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

yea i know man i know when i go home i play sales and stare at the lackluster collection of wii games and am so happy knowing how many they sold it fills the void of decent games i have in my heart.

disclaimer: the wii is not a toy it is a game machine all respect is given to it, it is in no way a shovelware machine and there are more than enough decent games to act like your selection is not meager at best.

BRG90003387d ago

I never know whether to push 'Agree' or 'Disagree' with heavy sarcasm. Does Agree mean you're agreeing with the words themselves or does it take sarcasm into account?

Maxned3387d ago

Ok, I could say "Who could deny the greatness of Haze, Lair and Socom?"

Youre just taking 3 bad games and making it seem like theyre great. Douchebag troll.

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TheMART3388d ago

Selling 54 games over a million on the Wii is the same as selling 54 million bags of donkey shiat.

Both rubbish. It sells to ignorant nongamers. They don't know whats quality. They buy anything to wiggle their controller for incompetent 'gamers'. Sigh

heyheyhey3388d ago

f*ck you

great games like Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda:TP and Resi 4: Wii Edition (i think) passed a mil

so stop your elitist chest pounding and insulting Wii gamers, you sound like such a [email protected] constantly calling Wii gamers "non-gamers"

TheMART3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Hey my Russian friend. I was expecting you.

Ah I see you're mentioning the same shiat thats here for 20 years already and is sequel 576573487

RE4 is the exact copy from the Gamecube. Which isn't surprising as the Wii is just a supercharged Gamecube.

Mario/Zelda... My God. The only thing reasonable on the Wii, 1st party, nothing new, thats the only thing to buy a Nintendo machine for. If you're a die hard Mario/Zelda fan.

The Wii is for fat mums, lazy sisters, 5 year olds, granny's = Nongamers. Oh I forgot to add Russians that have their brains cooked by Chernobyl.


@ Games4fun (below)

I'm dark or black sarcastic and this is the Open Zone... Someone that starts his post with 'f*ck you' deserves this.

games4fun3388d ago

mart you know that line about chernobyl well you crossed it. I agree with what your saying but dont think your clever or smart bringing up a tragedy

although if your only looking for responses i guess that was a good move.

heyheyhey3387d ago

haha your pathetic... all your replies to me are just the same sh!t with a sh!tty Chernobyl joke stuck on the end

it's pretty f*cked sarcasm man, if something blew up in Holland and killed your family would you like me to laugh about it in your face... ok i didn't lose any family in Chernobyl, but you didn't know that pr!ck

and it's pretty hilarious that keep calling me Russian and then bringing up Chernobyl which happened in Ukraine you dumb f*ck

TheMART3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

@ heyheyhey I see you get heated up over nothing again.

At the time Chernobyl fired up, Ukraine was still a part of the Russian Federation as far as I know, and its funny you react so aggressively on being called Russian.

Well we had WWII and my family have had their casualties, but still no problem with sarcastic comments. Same with things like a plane that just crashed some time ago near our national airport. Sarcasm or humor applies to anything.

You know that people that calling others bad names are the ones that loose their temper. Mostly low educated and don't know what to say otherwise. Lets hope there is another Chernobyl near you soonish. Enjoy the show. Again:

You start your first comment with 'f*ck you'. You deserve this. I am sorry your IQ is below 70 points.

Oh and the Wii still remains WiiShiat.

Mo0eY3387d ago

But, but, but Mart, what about all those 9 million copies of Halo sales talks you always have? Are you so butt hurt that something can outsell your precious Gaylo? Awww, how sad.

All that sales talk about Halo outselling everything, and when 54 games sell one million copies each, you get butt hurt. How sad :(

It's okay, though. I'm sure another article about sales will pop up over on Sony about inFamous, and you'll go pull out your epeen and jizz Gaylo juice all over everything.

Your mom should've swallowed you instead.

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specialguest3388d ago

It's odd how all of those titles passed 1M, yet it doesn't get the same press hype as a PS3 or 360 game when their games pass 1M.

Elven63388d ago

Because titles that would sell 10 thousand copies on the 360/PS3 combined sell a million on the Wii. It is expected that titles on the 360/PS3 will do reasonably well

Pennywise3388d ago

I love all of the sarcasm in this thread!!! Keep it up lol

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