The First Images of the DJ Hero Turntable Controller

Check out the first images of the DJ Hero turntable controller. The game will featured DJ Shadow & DJ Z-Trip coming out sometime this year for the Xbox 360, Wii & Playstation 3.

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Rhezin3305d ago

they're whoring out the DJ industry now with this sh!t. Now everyone's going to think they're a badass DJ, but GUESS WHAT YOU'RE NOt! ITS A F!CKING TOY. If you want to learn to be a Dj, take lessons from a couple pro's like I did, or read up constantly about techniques and tricks.

Th3 Chr0nic3305d ago

they are just taking guts from inside the guitars and putting them in a plastic case shaped like a turntable instead. and replace rock with rap and you have a new money machine

Automat3305d ago

i wouldn't be caught dead with one of those next to my 1210s...