Madden 10's new "Spotlight Moments" feature explained

NintendoDpad reports:
"New for Madden this year on Wii will be a feature called "Spotlight Moments". These will be one-on-one challenges that are triggered mini-games at key points in the game."

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Product3388d ago

Even in the main mode there is minigames... and EA was so close this year. Ill still rent it and see.

avantgarde843388d ago

This game reminds me so much of Blitz

nintendohomie3388d ago

i wish they remade Blitz.

But what i really want is:

Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey, Mutant League Football, and NBA Jam on Wii

II Necroplasm II3388d ago

They really need to make a new Mutant League Football game.