Punch-Out's Piston Honda has a name change

NintendoDpad reports:
"Just when you think Nintendo is going to make a full fledged franchise reboot, they change something.Piston Honda has had his name changed and we will now be calling him Piston Hondo. Yes thats right, Hondo."

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Product3358d ago

stupid, yet E. Honda is fine

avantgarde843358d ago

E Honda would pimp slap Piston Honda.

seriously though this is very weird for them to change a name. Croissants fly out of Glass Joe's head and thats fine. They can insult France but lets not piss off Honda Motors.

CobraKai3357d ago

LOL no one cares about the French LOL. Is Honda Motors actually going to take legal action or is Nintendo just playing it safe and Honda isn't actually doing anything?

koehler833357d ago

No one fears the red-tied legal boogieman more than Nintendo. If Honda comes knocking on Capcom's door, Capcom will open a can o' Phoenix Wright on their ass.

ChickeyCantor3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

"Just when you think Nintendo is going to make a full fledged franchise reboot"

You pretty much lost there since mike tyson isn't in there either XD

" How can Capcom’s Street Fighter use the name Honda but not Nintendo?"
But isn't honda just a japanese name?

avantgarde843358d ago

Well Tyson wasn't in the original anyway. The NES version of this was alittle bit of both arcade games. Mike Tyson wasnt the original end boss though, Super macho man was. That copy of the game were given out to Nintendo famicon tournament winners. Then came Tyson, then Mr. Dream

avantgarde843358d ago

BTW anyone know Japanese? What does it say on his headband?

pixelsword3357d ago

..."If you can read this, you know Japanese".


No, just kidding.

Argento-Nox3358d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game, but was the name change necessary?

"Your next challenger is piston Hondooooo!!!". Damn I gave it the benefit of the doubt by saying it out loud in my head, but "Honda" still sounds better (-_-);;.

nintendohomie3358d ago

does sound stupid to do such a thing

edgeofblade3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

What's wrong with a little cross promotion? Why not Don "Prius" Flamenco?

Yes, that was a gay joke...

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