The upcoming Apple game console

Apple went from being a computer manufacturer to a consumer toy maker with the iPod. They then morphed into also being a phone manufacturer with iPhone. And in the process they have seen the massive profits that can be made by owning a proprietary gaming platform standard. Having seen what Apps store is making for them, they obviously want more. One obvious route this can take is to join Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the home game console market. Apple certainly have the technical expertise to do this.

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Coheno3393d ago

"consumer toy maker with the iPod"?! WTF!
I'm not reading any more of your bull...

KionicWarlord2223393d ago


But if apple makes a might be really expensive.

jrsenkbe3393d ago

I would rather have Apple making consoles then Microsoft. We would know the quality would be good and they may actually invest into first party support.

Bob Dole3393d ago

Considering the iPhone and the PS3 were the same price at launch god only knows how much they'd charge for a console.


a game console? youre just buying the brand name, and apple doesnt belong the gaming world

Anon19743393d ago

It's only a matter of time before we see more consoles as the industry grows. If it happens, let's see what Apple brings to the table before we say they don't belong.

Thugbot1873393d ago

Not sure what to expect from an Apple console, other than high price. I would see them being direct competition to the Nintendo, not really to Sony and Microsoft.

50CALheadshot3393d ago


i hope apple can compete, and dit doesnt become an iturd

gaffyh3393d ago

Lol nice try bruce, I think I've learned never to click on any of your links, they're a lot worse than HHG stories.

Apple console = The Apple iGame
- Completely digital distributed gaming

Apple Game Store = Apple iPlay

Jaces3392d ago

I welcome any new game system.

Always looking for the next best thing...well at least different.

Kaneda3392d ago

Yeah, they didn't belong to smart phone world either.. Look what happen now! set standard for smartphone and other companies copied.

Dragun6193392d ago

I think its really a bad idea for Apple to enter the gaming Industry as its already Divided as it is with three consoles. Plus to release a console, it might have a high price tag, and it might have No good games. Seriously, all this would do is Divide the market and produce less profit for each of them involved.

Apple should just focus on gaining ground with the Mac, Ipod, and Iphone than joining another industry better yet offer it services such as Itunes on PS3 or Wii if they want to expand and earn more profit.

velaxun3392d ago

the iphone isn't a smartphone at all. It's a flashy looking toy. Treo's and Blackberries do everything the iPhone does, and better. They just don't look as pretty. Anything Apple is merely a fashion accessory these days, I would hate to see what they would do to the console gaming world. I shudder just thinking about it.

trgz3392d ago

@ KionicWarlord222 - yeah but hell it would look good and it'd be cool to own it. You'd be part of a community of like-minded middle-class gamers who really enjoy their casual gaming and were quite happy to fork out 1.5 times the price of any other console and that will have a limited choice of officially sanctioned peripherals that also look cool, but will naturally have less buttons than the competitions overly-complicated devices (think Wii-mote with just the A button)
And it'll be white - how can it not be any good?

mega BIG time3392d ago

can you imagine an Apple exclusive game? LOL i cant

Viper73392d ago

I dont buy console because of its brand but I might not buy a console because of brand. Apple is in pretty neutral position on my point of wiev so if they manage to prove that they are cabeable to compete against Sony and Microsoft in entertament I might consider.

shawnsl653392d ago

i came here for the girl "SEXY"

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Hiruma Youchi3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )


Download Demos From Your Mac To your Console!!!!!!!!!!

+ possible Wi-Fi/BlueTooth Connection with your IPhone/Itouch!!!!!!!!!

Upload Songs From ITunes Straight to your Console!!!!!!!!!!!

danofpaco3393d ago


(see what I did there?)

BWS19823392d ago

G3 monitors they might as well call it iF****dUP and be done with it.

The economy is hurting pretty bad, they'd be taking a large gamble to enter the console fight now. When Sega dropped out, they were last seen with FOUR companies slamming heads, you had Sony, Nintendo, and MS had just joined the fray, and that year, with four of them, Sega pulled out. I don't think there's ever been a gen where four platforms did decent, but since the Wii has such a different market share, it may not be the same as 2001...but still, with the economy, it's doubtful it'd be prudent to enter now, if they were to...

shadow-sentinel3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )



Still coming up with lame articles eh Bruce?

By the way, how is an Ipod a toy?

VaNdAl3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Apple tried the console market once already anybody remember the Pippin?

cmrbe3393d ago

in an apple console. They are all about innovation as well so that suits me quite well.

HungPHAT3393d ago

I'm a hardcore Apple Guy , everything Apple makes I own it ! But if they were to make a Console it would be AWESOME and cutting edge and not to mention reliable . Man that would 3 consoles I'd playing during the week ! "would love it"

UltimateIdiot9113393d ago

But the only problem is that Apple will probably make it very minimalistic and won't feature any really good control. Just look at the new iPod shuffle and the iPhone.

Nineball21123393d ago

Yeah, the controller would just have a circular button like the iPod! LOL...

I bet it would be expensive and it'd be very reliable too.

Nathan1233392d ago

Yup.. same here. I own all Apple stuff. Currently I won an ipod Touch as my ipod. An Iphone.. I even ditched my PC for a Mac... I also own a MacBook as my laptop!!! Ya I am an Apple guy. I will definitely buy an Apple console if it ever came out. I hope it's as sexy as the Macbook Air (God it's paper slim!!!)...

Another fact I am sure is that Apple will advertise the crap out off it. They won't be as self centered as Sony... I would any day prefer Apple making a console over M$ cause at least Apple could produce better hardware.

Beside the point but damn that chick in the picture is hot!!!